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Why Umhlanga ROCKS as a business hub!

Why Umhlanga ROCKS as a business hub!

Umhlanga has always been a sought-after holiday destination and the ideal location to set up residence, but in the last few years it has become the main economic hub of Durban and the perfect spot to operate a business.


Umhlanga, meaning “Place of Reeds” in Zulu, known to us for its coastal beauty and as a cosmopolitan destination with an abundance of restaurants and hotels was initially home to San hunter-gathers. Later it was occupied by the Nguni-speaking tribe, who united under the reign of King Shaka, and the great Zulu nation was formed. Soon after, Umhlanga came under British control and become part of a large estate belonging to the Founder of Umhlanga, Sir Marshall Campbell – the great sugar magnate.

The most iconic buildings in Umhlanga would have to be The Oyster Box Hotel and the Umhlanga Lighthouse. Originally a seaside cottage known as “The Oyster Lodge”, it was built in 1863 (before the town was even founded) and was originally used as a navigation beacon. After many expansions and renovations, in 1954 “The Oyster Box Hotel” was officially opened above the famous lighthouse. The lighthouse was also completed in 1954, after just 4 days of construction.

This area’s rich history is so easy to forget but lays the foundation for the thriving business centre we see today.
Here are a few of our top reasons why we think you should choose Umhlanga as your business home:

and connectivity

One of the biggest reasons for Umhlanga’s commercial success is the connectivity it has to the greater Durban area – allowing people to move in and out of the area with ease, to business meetings or from work and home. This is due to the access it has to two highways – the M4 and M41, as well as the N2 freeway. It is also only a 15-minute drive to King Shaka International Airport, making it convenient to frequent flyers for business travel.

Business Community

With so many businesses choosing Umhlanga as their base of operations, opportunities for business networking are abundant. Working in a community such as this enables you to have access to some of the biggest names in the business. Business networking meetings are common and help to develop and cement good business relationships within the area.

Prestigious Zipcode

By choosing Umhlanga as your place of business, you are ensuring that your business is taken seriously – as this desirable and exclusive address won’t be lost on potential clients – as one of the most elite in South Africa. With an increasing number of people moving into Umhlanga for a more luxurious lifestyle, it is no wonder that Umhlanga (in terms of wealth growth) is one of the fastest-growing regions in South Africa.

The vibe and access to the
best restaurants in Durban

The Umhlanga Village is an area that buzzes with activity day and night with a countless number of popular restaurants, cafes and bars. It is the perfect place to take clients for business lunches and/or dinners, or to enjoy after-hour drinks with colleagues to wrap up a busy day in the office.

Balanced lifestyle

Take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, whilst staying healthy and active. Before, after or even during work – its very common to see people jogging or walking their dogs on the promenade. You can take advantage of the full 5km expanse of promenade or just go for a casual walk and stop to enjoy some coffee at one of the many spots along the way. Getting some fresh sea-air might just be what you need to get into the right frame of mind before heading back into the office.

And right in the centre of it all sits our Connect Space Office.
It’s hard to complain about going in to work when your office has ocean views and is nestled in the thriving Umhlanga business village. Offering a prestigious address at the Beacon Rock building and a number of services which include: fully-furnished serviced offices, coworking spaces, meeting and boardrooms, barista coffee and super-fast Wifi, on flexible agreement terms – this is where you want to be!

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