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Top tips to get the most out of Remote Working!

Top tips to get the most out of Remote Working!

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, more and more businesses are asking their employees to work remotely rather than come into the office.


For some employees this arrangement might suit them perfectly, for others it can pose a serious challenge. How do you stay productive and reach the expectations of your manager whilst away from the office? How do you remain motivated, inspired, and creative when you are working on your own? If you are new to this whole “remote working” scene, let us help you by offering some tips on how to get the most out of working away from the office environment that you have previously known, and into the more flexible, adaptable one that we are seeing today.

We hope the below serves as a guide to help you make the best decisions throughout your workday. Working remotely really does offer the best of both worlds if you do it the right way.

1) Choosing your workspace!

To be successful at remote working, you need to figure out where exactly you will work from. Of course, due to your newfound flexibility, you can change this location whenever you feel you need to. However, we recommend that you choose a space that will keep you motivated – be it an area in your house that is private, a quiet coffee shop or a coworking area near you. Avoid working from your bedroom (even though it is tempting on these chilly Winter mornings) or from a couch in the lounge – these areas are not conducive to productivity.

2) Find your working style!

Do you like working with white noise? Or rather in silence?
Are you more productive in the morning or in the evening?
Do you prefer to settle in for the day to get through your workload? Or would you rather take breaks regularly but work in the time you missed? Everyone one has a different working style and identifying yours could be the key to your success when working remotely. If you like being surrounded by background noise, then a coffee shop or coworking area might suit you best. If you prefer silence, then working from home or wearing a pair of noise canceling earphones might be something you need to stay focused on tasks at hand. If you are lucky enough to be able to choose your hours and aren’t bound to an 8am – 5pm workday, then choosing a work style that suits you is something you most certainly can do – as long as you achieve the goals outlined to you by your company.

3) Dress for success!

Everyday… get up, get dressed and get ready for the day ahead! Sticking to a morning routine sets your mindset for the day and has shown to promote productivity. Hanging around in your pajamas all day is very appealing to many of us, but it doesn’t get the work done.

4) You NEED access to reliable technology!

Working from a coffee shop may seem like a great idea, but how is their Wifi? Access to reliable, consistent WiFi is integral to your success when working remotely. You may need to make calls or join Zoom/Teams meetings, but if your meeting is constantly interrupted due to losing connection – it looks unprofessional, and your manager will not be happy. Making sure that the technology suits your needs during your workday is paramount when choosing your designated workspace.

5) Communication is key!

Regarding your performance in your job, this is the most important tip to consider. Communicate, communicate, communicate! The more information shared, and questions asked – the better. Even though you are not in the “office” every day, it is important that you make your presence known. Daily or weekly check-ins with your manager keeps the communication lines open and helps you to still feel connected to your company. As your manager will not be around to keep you on task, it is up to you to communicate the progress you have made on projects, your daily goals completed and upcoming tasks. If your manager hasn’t already, ask him/her to send you a list of their expectations for working remotely, therefore you know exactly what to expect going forward. The more guidance and boundaries provided, the fewer misunderstandings will occur, and you will soon adapt to this new style of working.

6) Set your working hours!

This is an important area to establish. For some family members, the concept that you are not in an “office” may seem like an open invitation to call or visit as they wish. For your manager, it may be seen as an opportunity to have you work around the clock. And even for yourself, as you are not going into the office and then physically leaving it behind – it blurs the boundaries between work life and home life. You need to set your boundaries early on and make them clear to everyone around you. Establish your work hours – and stick to them.

7) Find your community!

Working remotely does not have to be a lonely experience. Whether its virtual or in person – find a community of like-minded individuals that can help you stay motivated and productive. Coworking spaces are beneficial for this very reason. They offer you the opportunity to meet people that are in the same situation as you. It allows you to expand your business network and potentially create new business opportunities and/or collaborations.

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Remember, it is up to you to make remote working a positive experience.

Embrace the flexible situation you find yourself in, but don’t abuse it. Learn ways to successfully navigate this new work environment you find yourself in, and once you do, you will see it can be highly beneficial to both you and your company.

If you are still deciding where best to set up your workspace, consider Connect Space. We create offices spaces that are unavoidably productive, whilst being collaborative – as we all know that humans are designed to coexist and work together.

With super-fast Wifi, barista coffee, access to meeting rooms and boardrooms – we are the perfect option for any remote workers (or teams) looking for a place to call home in Durban.

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