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The rise and rise of semigration…

The rise and rise of semigration…

Has the hustle and bustle of city life lost all its appeal? Sick of the traffic, pollution, and just general chaos of city living?

 It would appear you are not alone! There is a definite trend in South Africa of families moving out of large cities to urban areas in smaller towns or villages, in favour of a more relaxed lifestyle. This is known as “semigration” and it seems to be on the rise.


“Semigration has been a significant trend in the South African residential housing market for many years… characterised, generally, by a move from inland parts of the country to the coast… starting in the Western Cape, Boland and Overberg but more recently in regions such as KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route, too,” explains Dr Andrew Golding, the chief executive of the Pam Golding Property Group.

There are a number of reasons why this is becoming more and more popular amongst South Africans, some include:

But what about work?

Due to the disruption of the last two years, where individuals work from is not necessarily the most important factor. In today’s world of modern technology, with access to internet and cellphones – there is no limit to where you can work from. This was made more evident during the global coronavirus pandemic when people were made to work from home and many of these individuals still do – or their companies may have adopted a more hybrid work model which sees them only going into the office on occasion. For these individuals, semigration becomes a realistic opportunity to break away from the norm, and fully embrace online work from afar.

Even for those individuals that do need to be in an office in the city, many still choose to semigrate. Instead of working remotely, they choose to move their families to more rural areas and commute to and from – spending the week in the city and coming home for the weekend.

According to property experts, families that choose to semigrate are generally looking to purchase larger properties than they originated came from. As these people are seeking a better lifestyle, their home-life is very important, with their house playing a pivotal role. For many, they will be working from home permanently so need that space to set up a workplace environment. Due the location of their homes in more rural areas, home schooling has become a favourable option for many. With so much extra time being spent in their new homes, it really becomes a key factor in the semigration process.

Before you make
the big move…

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and it is so important to do as much research as you can before making a big move. Key areas to research would be the local government, the infrastructure, local schools in the area, the general amenities, and medical facilities. Before packing your whole life up and moving, be sure to spend a significant amount of time in your desired new town to ensure that you fit in to the community and can adjust to the new environment around you, with all the challenges it may present.

How can Connect Space
help you…

This trend of semigration is becoming more popular in Kwa-Zulu Natal, with Umhlanga and surrounding areas being some of the hottest markets for semigration buyers. The highest demand for property coming from Gauteng buyers. It is an area with great weather for a perfect outdoor lifestyle – and offers great schooling and medical facilities nearby. It is also only a 15-minute drive to the airport, making it an incredibly convenient location for those commuting home on the weekends.

If you have made the big move and are looking to set up an office space outside of your home, think about Connect Space. Our Umhlanga office is located in the heart of the business village and offers fully furnished, serviced office spaces, meeting rooms and boardrooms, as well as desks in a coworking area (just to get out of the house) on flexible agreement terms to suit our client’s needs.

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