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Hot-Desking… The Future Of Your Business?

Hot-Desking… The Future Of Your Business?

In recent years we have seen an accelerated change, mainly attributed to the global Covid-19 pandemic, in the ways businesses are structured. This can be seen in the rise of remote work, as well as the shift to shared coworking spaces in an open-plan office setting – with the concept of hot-desking becoming a popular feature in more forward-thinking business environments. In this blog post we discuss the ins and outs of hot-desking, its benefits and its downfalls, but most importantly whether it could be a step in the right direction for as a freelancer/entrepreneur or as a business owner making decisions for your team.

What Is Hot-Desking And How Does It Work?

Simply put, hot-desking is a workspace system whereby desks are used by different people at different times, generally on an ad-hoc basis. This differs from a traditional office setting in which employees are assigned their workspace and that is where they will ALWAYS sit. However, due to the increase in remote working, businesses may find that these assigned desks sit empty for many days of the week, which leads to the issue of unutilised workspace. Hot-desking can be used not only in a coworking setting, but also a private office environment. Successful hot-desking spaces usually include or have access to the following features:

  • Access to free, reliable Wi-Fi and power outlets.

  • Bookable meeting rooms and access to private spaces when needed.

  • Comfortable common areas, equipped kitchens and clean, easily accessible bathrooms.

  • Printing facilities.

  • Safely precautions in place for members working from space (security within building and parking space)

The Benefits Of Hot-Desking

The benefits of hot-desking differ depending on whether the arrangement is for entrepreneurs/freelancers working independently or for business owners looking for the correct work solution for their employees.

For self-employed individuals, hot-desking not only provides an opportunity to escape the isolation of their home office using the cost-effective, flexible arrangement of a coworking space – but it enables them to work in an area surrounded by other professionals from different industries with the possibility to expand their business network; and find potential clients and business-related opportunities. For those working on different projects with clients in different areas, these settings provide an office space to use as a base to be closer to clients (i.e., between cities) as well as if they need a professional space to host meetings, etc.

For business owners reducing real estate risk by minimising redundant office space is very appealing. It would make sense for a company with many of their employees remote working for a large percentage of the week to rather use a hot-desking system and cut down on office space – then have a large premise with few employees working from it.
Although the advantages of hot-desking are different for those self-employed and business owners, one benefit that has been recorded in both parties is that working in this manner brings people from different teams or businesses together, opening doorways to fresh opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

To sum up the PROS of hot-desking:

  • It saves space and money.
  • Creates a collaborative environment and increases interaction between staff.
  • Creates a more equal work environment.
  • Presents a minimalistic and tidy appearance.
  • Offers a flexible solution for remote workers and consultants.

The possible CONS of hot-desking:

  • Staff miss having their own personalised space.
  • More senior staff may not enjoy the shift in office hierarchy.
  • IT resources may need to be increased to deal with more remote work structure.

Hot-desking certainly doesn’t suit all businesses. If employees are dealing with sensitive information, a more private space may be a requirement, as well as for employees that need certain office equipment that entails a laborious set-up. For businesses that have all staff members present every day, hot-desking would not be an option.

How To Get Started?

If you think hot-desking is a good option for your business, there are a number of factors you need to consider. It is suggested that employees that spend 80% or more of their time at work keep their assigned desks as they are there for the majority of the work week.

Business owners need to do research through employee surveys to understand their employees’ habits, as well as to gather space utilization data to decide how many desks are required.

Business owners need to consider and implement features that will enhance the work-space environment. Creating spaces of solitude – areas where employees can quickly step away to deal with private matters is necessary. There should also be alternative collaboration spaces for team meetings and brainstorming sessions. Pause areas throughout the area give employees the opportunity for a change of scenery and collaboration opportunities. But the most important factor to consider is to make it easy for employees to choose a desk. Often the process and commune to get to work is stressful, and businesses don’t want to add to the stress of the day with employees battling to find a desk. Should businesses get all the above factors managed correctly, hot-desking could greatly benefit the running of their company.

At Connect Space, we offer hot-desking opportunities at all three of our locations in Musgrave, Mount Edgecombe and Umhlanga. Whether you are looking to pay an hourly rate, or for a more private long-term space for your team we can accommodate you. Make use of our communal pause areas, as well as bookable boardrooms and meeting rooms. We’re a team of local experts that pride ourselves in going the extra mile to give our clients what they need, so they can focus on what they do best.

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