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Are you looking for office space in the leafy suburbs of Musgrave? There are many reasons which make Musgrave a popular neighbourhood to live and work in. The area has good public transport services, it is conveniently close to established schools, universities, and colleges; and is home to Durban’s oldest shopping centre, Musgrave Centre. Just a short drive from popular neighbouring suburbs, Musgrave is centrally located – with access to all major highways: M4 north and south, N2 and N3.

Umhlanga has always been a sought-after holiday destination and the ideal location to set up residence, but in the last few years it has become the main economic hub of Durban and the perfect spot to operate a business.

You’ve probably heard the term “co-working”, or at least understand the theory of collaborative workspaces. But you may not have considered how it might revolutionise how you work. The truth is, even without COVID’s impact, the workspace needed a revamp. We’re going to look at...