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5 Reasons Why Coworking Office Spaces Are The Future…

5 Reasons Why Coworking Office Spaces Are The Future…

Our working world has changed significantly in the last two years, and although the Coronavirus pandemic placed massive pressure on the coworking infrastructure as a whole

We are now seeing as we move closer to post pandemic times that there are many individuals still working remotely, and many of them are seeking a coworking experience. This is evident due to the growing number of coworking spaces around the world.
Here are 5 of the top reasons we feel coworking is the future:


1) We offer the flexibility that people need in today’s world!

Many companies are opting for a more hybrid work model, with a few days a week spent working from the office, and the remainder working from “home”. This may seem like having the best of both worlds, but for many people working from home is just not an option – whether it be an issue of a lack of space, inconvenience to those they live with or just due to the general distractions that surround you when working from home.

The same applies to entrepreneurs/small business owners needing to escape from the confines of their home environment to gain a new perspective. A dedicated coworking space allows for productivity, peace and quiet – a place where you can come and go as you please.
Our flexible rental options at Connect Space enable you to book a desk for a few hours or a dedicated space for as long as you need it. We pride ourselves in finding the best agreement terms to suit your business.

2) We are a community!

Fact: People work better together!

The Society for Human Resource Management recently did a study and found that 70% of employees surveyed reported that they were struggling to adapt to remote work, with the same number reporting that maintaining employee morale whilst out of the office is a real challenge.

We all know that working from home can be isolating, with some people adapting to it better than others. Having access to a coworking environment, where you are surrounded by a community of like-minded people is one of the greatest aspects of a shared workspace. Besides the morale boosting effects of it, there can potentially be great rewards for your business, such as growing your professional network (with individuals from outside of your own industry), the possibility of meeting new clients and/or collaboration opportunities.

At Connect Space, we value our clients – we put relationships at the centre of everything we do. That is why we make our office spaces so collaborative – since we know that humans are designed to coexist and work with each other.

3) You save on travel costs and time!

With the ever-increasing cost of petrol and time wasted commuting to and from the office, finding a convenient coworking office space near you is becoming more and more appealing.

With business owners concluding that their staff can work just as effectively away from the office, many are turning away from the traditional office model (which includes enormous overheads of renting office space) to a more hybrid working model, as mentioned earlier. Putting that extra time that you would have been stuck in traffic into being more productive is the way forward and keeps both employer and employee happy!
Our three strategically positioned locations in Musgrave, Mount Edgecombe and Umhlanga are found close to major transport routes, making them convenient to all our clients living in these areas. We have every intention of growing our network and expanding into new areas. Contact us to see when we will be opening an office space near you…

4) Coworking spaces make it easy!

Coworking office spaces are set up to cater to all clients’ needs.

Whether someone is looking for an individual office space, or is wanting to bring their team in, there are areas that will be suitable for that business or individual. Adding no extra stress, all basic amenities are taken care of – desk space and furniture, electricity, and high-speed internet is generally all included. All the client needs to do is move in! It’s that easy. Due to this ease, it makes it a very appealing prospect when looking to rent office space.

At Connect Space we offer ready-to-go spaces with no start-up costs and all the benefits of a traditional office space with none of the risks.

5) You can maintain a healthy work/life balance!

Working from home can blur the line between your personal and work life.

With so many distractions around you, it can be hard to stay in the “work zone” when you have your dogs barking or can hear your children in the background. Switching between the two modes not only adds risks to your productivity, but it is exhausting and stressful too. Creating and maintaining a routine where you can leave your home and enter a space that promotes a work environment is often necessary for individuals to thrive.

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