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In this blog, we discuss the differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, their key traits, and which one is right for you. Learn about corporate entrepreneurship and startup entrepreneurship, the advantages of intrapreneurship over entrepreneurship, and vice versa.

Hybrid work… is it the future? From a number of studies and surveys conducted, it would appear the answer is YES! It is very clear, due to the pandemic, that work as we know it has been forever transformed. As a result of the success of remote working during those unprecedented times, the hybrid approach is one that will continue to be the way forward for many companies.

Essentially the hybrid model enables employees to combine working from home with working from an office or another chosen location – enabling employees to choose the workspace that best suits them and the tasks at hand that day.

We are already in the third month of 2023! This year may already be proving to be challenging for many businesses – with continued loadshedding, spiraling inflation and the after effects of the Covid-19 pandemic still present, it doesn’t seem like things will be improving in the foreseeable future. Meaning, now more than ever before, businesses need to look at ways to increase their revenue whilst making changes to drive their total costs down.

In this blog we explore some simple ways businesses can effectively lower their costs this year and going forward. Some of the suggested changes may seem to rather increase costs to businesses, but in the long run they will work out to be more cost effective and aid in the success of your business.